Mehmet Bozdağ, who produced the film “Turks Are Coming: The Sword of Justice,” said, "I wanted those who wrote in history books to be reflected on the screen of the cinema and people learn a little by seeing this ancient, mighty epic."

tating that they have brought the story of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire to the screen for 6 years, Bozdağ said, "We are reading in the history books, we crossed the other side of the water by taking the Çimpe Castle in 1351. But how did it happen that we made a great expedition in the Balkan lands in a short time and and we established a state there that will continue for 6 centuries.

Pointing out that the Ottomans produced beautiful works with the nations they lived with in the lands of Rumelia, Bozdağ said , "Although our political dominance is lost today, our cultural existence and the legacy we left to that geography are still alive and standing upright." 

Stating that they have formed a very good team, Bozdağ said, "We made a good investment for the development of the industry in Turkey and we will show how the Turks can achieve big projects in the future. Series times in the world known 45-60 minutes. We strive to work within 120-140 minutes and we have achieved success with Turkish TV series. If a good system can be established, there is nothing that our people cannot achieve. Today, different series are broadcast in many parts of the world, but our series can broadcast in 100 countries. This is an important achievement. Within this success, we were founded with the aim of continuing with the subjects of history. We have signed good projects until now, and we will continue to do so. " said.