Human history has been shaped by beliefs. People sometimes sought the God which is pointed out by beliefs, on the ground. And they pursued its manifestations on earth. Sometimes they sought in the sky. And they built great shrines that rose towards the sky. So how would this search end?
Eventually, this ancient quest turned into a gigantic human legacy. The answers they found were actually the civilizations they discovered. Great civilizations shaped by beliefs ...
Göbeklitepe, Temple of Artemis, Hagia Sophia and Divriği Great Mosque ... These magnificent buildings are perfect examples of civilizations in Anatolia kneaded by beliefs ...
How did people started settled life ? What was the power that transformed them from ordinary farmers to great traders? How did people living in small groups form great empires?
And how did beliefs contribute to the development of civilizations? We will find the answers we seek in the mysterious story of Anatolia, kneaded with beliefs. We will uncover the unknown aspects of civilizations and explore the effects of beliefs on their shaping.
Producer: Mehmet Bozdag
Director: Gökmen Turnalı
Director of Photography: Fatih Gündüz, Yasin Yücekaya
Concept Design: Mehmet Bozdağ
Text Writer: Hakan Boz, Kadir Yılmaz
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Kursat Demirci