Bozdağ Film, which produces projects in the tv series, motion pictures, television films and documentaries, has realized many different productions since the day it started broadcasting. Mehmet BOZDAĞ, who distinguishes his producer and screenwriter identity, is the chairman of the executive board.

In addition to working with the director, scriptwriter and actors, whose name is frequently mentioned in the industry, he also provided the opportunity to work at different stages of the production process to many people we have never heard of. Bozdağ aims to gain a place in the hearts of our people and leave a mark with the productions he has produced.

Bozdag Film; 140 acres of land on which they build Turkey's biggest movie studio, professional production, art and decor with a large number of independent teams and employees is spearheading the cinema and range of sectors. With projects such as 'Masters, Scholars, Sultans' Documentary, Resurrection  Ertuğrul, Mehmetçik Blessed Victory, Yunus Emre The Journey of Love and Establishment Osman, it has brought a new dimension to the TV series industry. Bozdağ Film, one of the international leaders of its sector, was released in 40 countries with its latest production, Turks Are Coming: The Sword of Justice.