The 13th century Uzbekistan's venues were built for the series, the preparation process of which took 2 years. A new one is added to Turkish TV series such as Diriliş Ertuğrul and Kuruluş Osman, which reach a wide audience in the world. Produced by Mehmet Bozdağ, 'Mendırman Jaloliddin ' met with the audience on Uzbekistan Milly TV on February 14 with its first episode. The series will come to the screen in  Turkey  and  in different countries in the coming days. Behind the camera is running a team of around 500 'Mendirman Jaloliddin' series of digital effects, Turkey, United Kingdom, India and Malaysia was prepared by a team of 200 people. The animations of the lion hunt scene in the project were completed in five months. Uzbek and Turkish players received six months of training from their expert teams.


While the preparation process of the series took 2 years, the art and decor team of 300 people; They built the venues of 13th century Uzbekistan on the Bozdağ Film Studio, one of Europe's largest film studio, built on 300 decares of land. Ürgenç city of the period; It was built on an area of 20 thousand square meters with its bazaar, inns, houses and streets. Sultan Alaaddin Palace, on the other hand, was built on an area of 10 thousand square meters, including 7,500 square meters of indoor and 2,500 square meters of open space, including the throne room, sultan's rooms, harem, palace entrance and courtyard. In addition, Genghis Khan obas of 50 tents were established in an area of 5 thousand square meters. The action and war scenes of the series were shot in  Ihlara  Valley in Aksaray and Kapodokya Valleys in Nevşehir. While most of the accessories and items used in the series were supplied from Uzbekistan, 1,500 costumes were made.