"Establishment Osman" will be the flagship of the Turkish TV series industry in the international arena with its production quality, costume and magnificent set.
● Huge sets of Kayı Oba Byzantine castle, artificial lake and a city around it and the town of Turkmen principality were built on 300 decares of Bozdağ Film Studio for 'Establishment Osman'. The town of Söğüt was completely renovated for the Osman Bey period. Apart from Kayı Oba, four obas were built for different Turkish principalities.
● The artificial lake built with a width of 800 meters and a depth of 1.60 meters and the city established around it was established on an area of 20 thousand square meters. A market place, beach, pier, shops and houses were built for the city. Again, while mansions, bazaar, shops, houses, square and mosque were built in the Turkish principality town, this town was established on an area of 30 thousand square meters.
● Art group of 150 people; Besides the decorations, weapons belonging to the period consisting of thousands of swords, shields, daggers, spears and bows; It produced period furniture, daily items and accessories.
● In addition to the main cast of 40 people, an action team of 150 people also took part in the series.
● The behind-the-scenes team of the series consists of 350 people. A team of 50 people work for animation and effects.
● 70 horses were purchased for the series. Again for the series, a horse farm was established on the Bozdağ Film Studio.